Facebook Ads – Getting them right first time!

Getting Facebook Ads right first time can be tricky

I kept getting Facebook Ads rejected because of various reasons, not always well explained e.g. too many words on my photo.

There are some strict rules that need to be adhered to to ensure your Facebook Ad will be approved quickly especially if you send the prospective customer to a lead page.

There are some things you must ensue you have in place if you want to exploit Facebook Ads fully and turn prospective clients into paying customers.

You can just have Ads on Facebook that direct people to events on Facebook or to content on a Facebook page but one of the most effective ways to use the Facebook Ads is to send people to a landing page or web page to get them to sign up to free content/products or offers that you might be selling.  You can say so much more and you can allow customers to see what else you do.

  • Choose a compelling picture, either copyright free or take one of your own. Or possibly use a short video.
  • Look at other Facebook Ads that you like the look of and see how they phrase their wording to get a feel for what works well (less is more).
  • You can’t make claims on the Ad that you will make loads of money or get loads of business or lose loads of weight in a short amount of time…..
  • Use FB ads with lead pages to maximise the impact, reach and click rate (which could just be a landing page on your website) or lead page software like Lead Pages, Unbounce, Instapage….

For Facebook Ads to a landing page you must have the following:

  • Clear purpose e.g. sign up here for a free monthly email newsletter, or register for a free webinar, or click here to buy something (describe it)
  • Branded clearly as yours (so people know it’s your company and not on behalf of someone else they didn’t expect to be affiliated to)
  • Must have a Privacy Policy link to your website
  • Must have a Terms and Conditions Link to your website
  • Must have a Contact Us page link from your website
  • If you are using Cookies, you must tell them upfront.
  • If it s subscription to an email you must offer an unsubscribe any time option

The key is to be truthful, don’t be mysterious, and be really clear about what you are offering.  This Ad sends people off to my website page showing all the courses on offer and how to get in touch to enrol.  It simple but I have made sure that I have satisfied all the rules as shown above and it was approved within an hour.


You could choose to have a video on your landing page instead of a lot of words, and that’s really good because you’re giving people a chance to get to know you.  Keep it short and sweet, and invite them to engage with you further by signing up.  Keep your energy up, be appropriate, check your lighting, don’t be overpowered by music if you use it, and get someone you trust to give you feedback on the video before you send it out.

Facebook Ads targeting

Now you have all that sorted you need to narrow down your fishing net to target your ideal customers.  Here’s some of my results from an Ad I ran recently. As you can see my Ad appealed to women more than men based on the choices I made when I put in my target audience.  The next time I send it out I can look up what men are interested in and tailor my Ad to that market.


Because you may have many demographics that you target, you can choose to hone in on one at a time in each marketing campaign to get maximum reach.  You want your potential customer to read your lead page and say to themselves, he/she is speaking to ME, he/she understands me, and he/she’s got something I want.

What do your prospective clients look like?

What groups are they in?  What Pages do they like?

What hobbies do they have?   How old are they?

Where do they live? What is their disposable income like?

Do I want to market just to those who have already liked my FB page?

You can narrow down the demographic criteria fairly easily if you imagine your ideal customer and what a day in the life of them is like. Where do they go? What do hey do?  

Can you imagine what their life is like and find the right words for them?  Tailor each lead page for each potential customer so they feel special and you make a connection with them.  If you try to cast your net too wide, you won’t make a personal connection with your prospective clients and no-one will buy.

Facebook Ads are not free

Decide how much you want to spend and how long your campaign and ads are going to be.  If you are offering free webinars consider putting them on more than once on different dates at different times to allow maximum attendance. Always remember to sell something at the end of the webinar, you’ve just put all your energy and preparation into giving free content on the webinar, and attendees have got a chance to get to know you so this is a great time to make an offer to them.

Facebook will give you stats on how many people have clicked your ad and how many people signed up for your metrics. (Needed to establish how successful your ad campaign was).  Here this shot shows the breakdown on age as my Ad ran for all ages 18-65+.  Next time I can target a specific age group to get better targeting.


This one tells me that most of the views were on mobile devices so that tell she a lot about my viewing public. If I was aiming towards the silver surfer demographic I might expect to see many more desktop clicks.


Return on Investment (ROI) is how you will decide if a campaign has been successful and whether or not your price per click is worth it.  if it is, you might wan to repeat that offering or repeat that demographic with a new offering that is similar to the previous one if that was what they were interested in.

Hope you found this useful – I am just sharing what I have learned.

Make Facebook Ads work for you – first time, every time

For more info and courses see www.get-your-message-across.com

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