Sam Warner

The Autistic Interpreter

“I have learned to strike a balance between thriving in society with society’s rules and being true to myself. You can too.”
Sam Warner

I’m wired differently

As a female who discovered she has Autism Type 1, ADHD, PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia in her late thirties, I have found that I am not an alien or weird, or even eccentric. I’m just wired differently. I’ve pushed myself very hard to try to fit in with “normal” people, modify my behaviour because it didn’t emulate everyone else and I have tried to conform.

But it’s just not me.

I have learned to strike a balance between functioning in society with society’s rules and being true to myself.

Through all this personal development and self-improvement and reflection I have been able to see life through both lenses, which means I’m able to translate for many non-Autistic people trying to understand some of the language and behaviours used by those with Autism (or Asperger’s) and try to help explain why they may react in a certain way in a given situation.

Work Colleagues, Friends & Family

I have found that I am able to help translate some of the behaviours and characteristics to non-Autistic people in words they will understand which can be very difficult for Autistic people to do themselves. This situation can be very frustrating for both parties, so it’s very rewarding that I can help to bridge that gap.

Also I have helped Autistic adults to find ways to get their message across by helping them understand how to ask for what they want or what they need in the language of non-Autistic people to self-advocate. I have developed a training course called Rules of Engagement TM which addresses these communication problems that present themselves in teams.


Conflict Resolution

My mission is to dispel the Autistic myths of superhero powers and savant characteristics, selfishness, sociopathy, laziness, stubbornness or supposed lack of empathy.  It doesn’t matter which side you are on, I can help.  Whether you think someone ignores you or you can’t get a job, I can help.

I offer tips and techniques to diffuse tricky communications and behaviours from both side of neuro-diversity. If you would like this translation or interpretation service, please contact me.  I work very much on a case by case basis.  If you have met an Autistic person you’ve met an Autistic person.  Everyone is different and is wired differently.

I started my company in March 2008 so that I could reach out to more people to help them. I have been very fortunate in my life to have access to books, training and broad experience; and have learned a great number of techniques, and methods that can help to enhance lives.

I have a degree in Business Management, I’m a TEDxSpeaker and organised TEDxTelford for two years, a Diploma in Autism Awareness, I’m a Certified Mental Health First Aider and I am a Distinguished Toastmaster (twice over) so I do, at least, have some credentials to verify that I know what I’m talking about.

“Becoming self-aware is the key that opens the door to enlightenment (Knowledge, Freedom and Happiness). Most people don’t understand the impact they have on the world. When they open their mouth without thinking, when they react instinctively instead of consciously and when they feel they are waiting for something good to happen to them; they are existing, not living”

– Sam Warner

Experienced stage & classroom / virtual trainer and remote coach based in Shropshire, UK. 

Certified Mental Health First Aider
Autism Awareness Diploma
Distinguished Toastmaster 2018 & 2020
BA (Hons) Business Management

Passionate. Enthusiastic. Caring. Compassionate. All words that describe Sam when she is speaking to her audiences. She is also truly engaging, keep the attention of her audience through her entire talk – not an easy achievement when speaking online. And yet Sam does it, with a smile on her face the entire time


What others say about me

Really liked that she talked from personal experience, it was so much more believable. And also liked that we weren’t expected to breakout and discuss, it was just informative, relevant and relatable

Victoria Hale

Sam is really amazing at helping Individuals and Organisations understand how to use the incredible talents of those with autism, particularly in the IT sector. She is a very relevant and enthusiastic speaker who will engage your audiences and provide huge value to your organisation.


I had a meeting with Sam after recently being diagnosed with ADHD at 27, and she was excellent at making me feel validated and highlighting the positive aspects of my attitude towards my diagnosis. Being diagnosed with any neurodivergent disorder can be a scary time and can make you question a lot about what you know about yourself, but Sam was so relatable and engaging that it alleviated a lot of my worries about what is to come!

Daniel Hunter

Empathetic listener and a great communicator‘ is what comes to mind when thinking about Sam.
I’ve known Sam for over a year and it’s been my pleasure to have her as my mentor.
I’ve recently been promoted to manage a new team. Sam helped me to understand the Rules of Engagement and now I have a much clearer idea on how to best engage with my new team & how to promote open culture.
If you need someone to help you improve the culture & communication in your team/organisation, I’d recommend Sam

Michaela Kalaria

Sam is a high energy, very positive trainer who enthuses you to communicate better in simple yet powerful ways. She is very generous with her time and supports and mentors people along the way. She is a coach and a trainer, a professional speaker and has a specialism in helping autistic adults

Kim Gilmour

The workshop I enjoyed the most at the WiRE Conference in April was Sam’s, her energy, what she said made sense, and I got a lot of value out of that session.