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It’s important to find out if client and coach are a good fit, and it’s sometimes good to just have a quick chat with someone; either way, the 30 min free virtual chat will suit you best.

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Here you can find a sample list of topics that Sam can support you with.

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Pre-diagnosis Autism Review

I have a copy of the test created by Dr Simon Baron-Cohen used by psychiatrists to score you or others to establish if they are likely to be able to receive a formal diagnosis.  It’s incredibly hard to get a formal diagnosis in UK as a teen or adult as people with ASD have already started masking and mimicking. It’s even harder if you are high functioning and have been able to hold down a job, get married, have a family, buy a house etc.  It’s also hard if you are a female as we present differently to the male brain.  But this is all we have for now.

Let me know if you’d like me to run through the test with you so you have a good idea of where you are on the spectrum.  It can help to answer a few questions for you. and prepare you for a conversation with your doctor if you wish to pursue a formal diagnosis.

NB: To be crystal clear, what I offer is NOT a formal diagnosis and will not help you to get any benefits or help from other organisations.  I am NOT a psychiatrist.  It is unlikely to help you to obtain accommodations at work either.

I have 30-min free presentation I give to groups. Book now here

Private Diagnosis Links

Waiting lists for Autism, ADHD, and combined assessments can be as much as five years! I know I got fed up of being fobbed off by GPs and knew that even if I get a referral I’d be waiting a very long time. I got my private RTN diagnostic assessment (that is suitable for children (6+) and adults) recently and couldn’t be happier.

Assessments follow NHS Gold Standard Guidelines, NICE Guidelines, and are completed by HCPC Registered Psychologists. They were the perfect blend of friendly, reassuring and professional.

The RTN team are well versed on different profiles such as PDA, and the inequalities experienced by autistic/ADHD women and girls. Please note that prices may be subject to change and these are only the adult pricing. Please check their website for current info.

Turnaround times are approximately 12 weeks and are financially accessible. (Some private assessments are over £2000!) When you book, the process will begin within seven days. They even have a payment plan to spread the cost out if you need to.*

You’ll feel relief, validation and a sense of identity that is hard to describe. I did.

Adult ADHD only: £895

Adult Autism only : £995

Adult Autism & ADHD combined: £1590

*This is my personal opinion, I am not an affiliate of RTN and do not receive any commision from referals from this website.