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Here’s a list of the articles I’ve had published:

Ludogogy’s readership is made up of gameful design specialists at all stages of their careers, as well as people who want to use the services of these professionals.


The Successful Founder is a rebrand of Entrepreneur & Investor. It has an audience of HNW investors, founders of startups and established entrepreneurs.   Readership: 80k pm


Share Radio is a national business radio station with 35k listeners.

Readership:  100k per month – small businesses and startups.


Shropshire Star newspaper  Readership approx 17k

——–   News online.  Readership: 266k


Education Executive, October 2019, pages 44-45.  Education Executive is carefully targeted to benefit the key decision makers across England’s 24,317 state schools and academies.

Readership: 24k


LID Radio focuses on current trends and features conversations with some of the brightest minds, top experts and influencers in the area of business, entrepreneurship, smart thinking and personal development.


Entrepreneur & Investor is aimed at super HNWs and Ultras, plus successful entrepreneurs living the life of their dreams on their own terms, and also those who may just be embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, but still aim high and have a strong desire for the finer things in life.  Readership online; 40k pm


Dealer Support – Readership: 12k


Indezine – This is a publication specialising in presentations and related communication skills.  Readership: 10k


Supply Management is the official media outlet of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS). It is the home of all the latest news, information, analysis, jobs and thought leadership for procurement & supply chain professionals.

Readership: 87k pm


Al Global Media aims to offer the very latest insights, interviews and profiles of Chief Executive Officers from across the corporate landscape.

Readership: 60kpm


Executive Secretary is put together in the aim of enabling career secretaries to develop both knowledge and skills. It aims to bring together a global network of senior and aspiring administrative professionals to discuss and share best practice.

This article first appeared in Executive Secretary Magazine, a global training publication and must read for any administrative professional. You can get a 30% discount on an individual subscription when you subscribe through me. Email and tell them I sent you.

Readership: 15k+

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