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At the intersection of innovation, inclusion, and workplace excellence, we proudly present our Neurodiversity & Communication Hub. Here, we celebrate the unique talents and perspectives of neurodiverse individuals, fostering an environment where differences are not just accepted but embraced.

Podcast Spotlights

Dive into thought-provoking conversations with Podcast hosts such as other neurodivergent professionals, industry experts, and advocates.

Harun Rabbani

Young Leaders Nexus

Podcast June 2024

Autism in Real Life

Ilia Walsh

Podcast  June 2022

Mel Bligh

ADHD and Menopause

Podcast May 2023

Danielle Clarke

Build Better Brands

Podcast Aug 2022

Autism in Real Life

Episode 22: Attracting and Retaining Neurodivergent Talent in the Workforce

Podcast June 2022

Gina Dallison Coaching

Healing Vibrations #30 – Embracing Neuro-Divergency

Podcast Sept 2021

Your BullyProof

Marilise De Villiers

Podcast July 2020

The Maverick Paradox

Autism in the workplace

Podcast Nov 2020

Vincent Hovorka

The Types of employees that will grow your business

Podcast Feb 2024

Diversitea! - Chris Allen

Autism in the workplace

Podcast  Sept 2022

Autism Stories - Doug Blecher

Better communication to support autistic people at work and life

Podcast March 2021

Published Articles

Discover a treasure trove of articles that explore communication in the workplace, neurodiversity’s impact on communication, problem-solving, and creativity in the workplace.

Shropshire Star newspaper

How club gave Sam a new voice

Readership approx 17k

Dealer Support

Helping you delegate well and empower your team

Readership approx 12k

North East Connected

News online

Readership: 266k


How to delegate well and empower your team

Readership: 24k

North East Connected

How to improve your delegating for a more effective team


Improve Your Delegating With These Tips

Readership: 10k

CEO Monthly

10 Tips to delegating effectively

Readership: 60kpm

Audio book

Sam lent her voice to an audio book, you can listen here