Sam Warner

Professional Speaker, Trainer and Coach

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Sam Warner Main Bio:


Sam Warner is a Neurodivergent Communication Specialist and uses her lived experience to work with leaders across multiple industries to improve their DEI policies to help them attract and retain talented Neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexia etc) employees. Organisations enjoy loyalty, diversity of thought, innovation and increased profits whilst spending less on recruitment due to attrition. She delivers keynotes, workshops, training
and coaching to clients such as Nokia, Ocado, The Royal Ballet School, GirlGuiding, Welsh Water and the NHS to name a few.
Sam has an energetic delivery style that leaves the audience with engaging memories and inspiration. She has worked in multiple industries herself including, IT, Manufacturing, The NHS, The Police Service, and in many different roles, such as Project Manager, Quality, Governance & Risk Management. She is also a Professional Speaker, a TEDx Speaker, TEDx Curator and Speaker Coach with 25+ years experience.
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Toastmasters International Bio:


Sam has been a Toastmaster since 2010 and has chartered two clubs in two Districts (D71 and D91) – one in each, soon chartering her third (an advanced online club). She is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) twice over and is not far from her third which will be her first Pathways DTM. She has delivered 8 x Youth Leadership Programs and 7 x From Speaker to Trainer courses. She has served as District 71 Administration Manager, Area Director in each District and won Area Director of the year for D91. She has reached the District 71 finals for both Evaluation and Table Topics contests and was the District 91 Trainers Bureau Manager in 2020/21. She is currently serving on the committee as Pres or VPE of three clubs, two of which are advanced. She is a TEDxSpeaker and runs her own business called Get Your Message Across. You can connect with her online here:

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Sam runs her own business called Get Your Message Across and works with Neurodivergent adults and their friends, family and co-workers to leverage their skills and insight by providing an interpreter service and training courses to enhance communication and behaviours. She regularly speaks to local groups to increase awareness and education for both Autistic and non-Autistic adults. She has recently launched her New Rules of Engagement programme, delivered a TEDx talk on the same subject, at TEDxMalvern and is writing a book about it. This programme teaches employers predominantly in the IT Sector how to attract, integrate and retain neurodivergent individuals into their team to enjoy the talents and loyalty of those with a differently wired mind.

Toastmasters has played a key role in enabling Sam to leave her corporate life and pursue her passion for clearer communication and wider opportunities for neurodivergent individuals, having discovered her own neurodivergence at age 35.