See what Sam’s clients say about her

Can’t thank you enough for a fantastic session we had with you last week

Nidhi Seth, Nokia

I loved the message in your presentation which you delivered awesomely!!

You are such a phenomenal skilled speaker. Thank you for being part of this club as you add a special dimension to it!

Joyce Mahy, Advanced Leaders Lab

I thought this course was fantastic – the facilitator was extremely engaging and the examples that were used were really relatable. This session was so helpful, I’m now looking to share the content with the rest of the Training team! Thanks so much, really helpful session

Victoria Morris

fab session. thank you Sam! super insightful!

Adam Steed

Sam is an original thinker with a talent for helping people to communicate better. People and organisations turn to her when they are looking for help to get their message across. In our case, Sam provided valuable advice on a range of communication-related issues, from shaping our company logo and refining key messaging to practical tips around working with children and young people in school/community settings. Sam is lively, likeable, and fun. She ‘walks-the-talk’ when it comes to clarity in communication, embodying the practice of being with others in creative, constructive, caring, and compassionate ways. She is a pleasure to work with and I am happy to recommend her for a wide variety of communication-related initiatives

Phil Gittens

Just wanted to thank you for your coaching and let you know that I got a first in my presentation, which meant I got a first overall! You played a huge part in that so I just wanted to thank you again for all the help you gave me!

Sue Groves

Sam was really passionate about how we can use our businesses  through zoom and the way we project to our customers and interact with them. She is an amazing lady who is very kind


Someone else told me that I have to practise practise practise otherwise I’ll never be really good at speaking in front of others. But I prefer to speak with the flow speak from my mind and just have an idea about what I want to talk about before I start talking. Thank you for reassuring me that this is not wrong this is just a different style of preparation and it’s one that suits me. I was really worried I would have to do it a prescribed way and I wouldn’t have joined if that was the case.  I feel much better now.  I can be me and still learn a great deal, but I’ve got to be me


You know you’ve just described my wife. The things that you’re saying are totally making sense. The way that we argue is definitely more like a discussion of whether the facts are correct rather than whether she or I are correct. And I’ve noticed that sometimes she cannot handle more than one task at a time and can get quite snappy at very short notice. Now I know I need to give her the gift of some space and time to do things more her way. Thank you


What you said really resonated with me about my grandson. I wonder if there is more I can do to help him as he does seems to struggle with day-to-day living. Are there any books you can recommend that we could read so we could help him, he’s my grandson but he is also an adult. 

Feedback from book suggestions.


I can’t believe I knew so little about this before, I guess, I just hadn’t thought about it that much, that (speech) was really interesting.  Now you come to mention it we have someone in our club who is a real stickler for rules, and can be a bit too rigid, he gets very upset if people don’t do what they say they will do, and he can’t understand why or how people can be unreliable or casual about the things he really cares about.  He can come across as aggressive too which can be upsetting for the other members. Perhaps I can help him to integrate a bit better now.


We worked with Sam for the launch party of our new business. She was invaluable when it came to planning and running the event, she gave brilliant coaching and tips for our speeches and was friendly, professional, helpful and a huge asset to the event. It definitely wouldn’t have been the same without her. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring her back for any future events

Pete White

Hi Sam, just a line to say thank-you for last Fridays mentoring session at SYST. Not only was it interesting but inspirational too. I shall be putting some of your ideas/suggestions into action in due course. Best regards


Thank you so much for the conversation we had a few months’ back. It was really empowering and helpful to talk to someone else who has had similar experiences to me. I wanted to update you on something … I had an assessment this week and I have now received a diagnosis! I recognise this is the only the beginning of things to come, but I would like to take the time to pass on my gratitude, particularly with self-acceptance and support throughout the waiting process. It was worth the wait.


Very authentic, vulnerable and powerful speaker! Amongst an ocean of speakers there is this gem, Sam with her incredible depth and strength! It’s a pleasure to listen to Sam and to learn from her in the most effortless way! She was amazing at our event recently and I highly recommend her!

Olga Geidane

I had a superb session with Sam today. I needed to create a you tube channel and how to upload videos to it, and how to use it once it was created. What a fantastic session, interactive but I was talked through each stage and I did the actions so that I was able to learn how each piece worked. I’m a learner who learns by doing things. Sam was fantastic and I learned loads. Thanks Sam exactly how I like a session to run

Sally Joyner

Sam was a huge support in helping me overcome my fear of public speaking and video presentations. Her undeniable enthusiasm and energy make her a wonderful coach and presenter. I learn from Sam every time we meet or speak. She is passionate about her work and vision and has a phenomenal communication skills that help all people understand each other. I highly recommend speaking to Sam if you are looking to improve yourself or enhance your business

Sandra Owen

Just wanted to thank you for your coaching and let you know that I got a first in my presentation, which meant I got a first overall! You played a huge part in that so I just wanted to thank you again for all the help you gave me!

Phoebe Sips

Hi! I got the job!  Thank you so much for your help, made SUCH a huge difference!!


I have known Sam over many years through the public speaking and leadership club she founded, Shropshire Speakers. Over this time, I have seen Sam deliver a wide range of themed speeches, and help many other club members improve their communication skills. As well as a kind, sympathetic and warm nature, Sam has a wealth of experience, and can encourage others through simple, practical tips as well as in-depth one-to-one guidance. Sam is an outstanding teacher and mentor, and I am sure that Sam will be able to help others improve their speaking, communication and leadership skills

Matt Hegarty

Sam is an excellent communicator. I recently attended a project management short course and as always Sam gets the message across in a clear, unambiguous and memorable way.  I came away with knowledge and advice to put immediately into practice; most timely.  I have also heard Sam on Presentation Skills and on Video and Digital, subjects at the core of getting your message across and Sam not only gives you the knowledge, she presents in an inspiring, confidence boosting manner.  I would not hesitate to recommend Sam

Jill Bagnall

I love watching you speak.  You have so much energy and enthusiasm.  You keep the audience’s attention so well.  Your speeches are interactive, fun and enlightening.  You look like a pro.  You’re not afraid to be vulnerable or make fun or yourself.  You seem to be able to present on any subject.  I hope I can become as confident as you one day


I saw Sam Warner give her ‘Autistic Toastmaster’ presentation at the Area (39) training day.  Due to the number of speakers that day, Sam had only around half hour to give her presentation, the content and the value within the content did deserve more time, but in the time she had Sam packed in lots of great thought provoking ideas, which throw light onto an important subject. For me the outcome of hearing this presentation was, I am now better informed about the subject, which to me I believe is something of value both inside Toastmasters and the wider world. I would love to see Sam give a full workshop at a Toastmasters conference and believe it would offer something of great value

Tony Brassington ACS ALB Heart of England / Ludlow Speakers

Sam is really amazing at helping Individuals and Organisations understand how to use the incredible talents of those with autism, particularly in the IT sector. She is a very relevant and enthusiastic speaker who will engage your audiences and provide huge value to your organisation

Yvonne Emery

Very authentic, vulnerable and powerful speaker! Amongst an ocean of speakers there is this gem, Sam with her incredible depth and strength! It’s a pleasure to listen to Sam and to learn from her in the most effortless way! She was amazing at our event recently and I highly recommend her!

Olga Geidane

That’s epic! I think we need more shared learning as a team. Thank you for very much – lots of stuff to takeaway

Lyndsey Jones

Absolutely tremendous for me and thank you Sam. I have got so many takeaways and if anything re-motivated me in trying new things in my future delivery

Maggie Lewis

That’s epic! I think we need more shared learning as a team. Thank you for very much – lots of stuff to takeaway

Lyndsey Jones

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of some Zoom training with the lovely Sam Warner, thanks to Jill Bagnall ( Fusing Ideas Glass), I really enjoyed the session and got such a lot from it, I am now using Zoom and with confidence too! Sam has such a wonderful approach, a great mix of professional, personal and humour combined with knowledge and straight talk – working at a pace that suits you, she leaves you keen to get going and with the skills to do so, a hands on approach, encouraging you to ‘have a go’ and to ask the questions you need to , that ensures your get the most out of the training. 10 out of 10 Sam – thank you!

Eli Wilkinson

I just wanted to let you know we are getting very positive feedback from our ASYSTED Businesses regarding your workshops.  They have said they have taken a lot from them and have found them very helpful

Kerry – Shropshire Youth Support Trust

Sam has extraordinary energy and ability to tune into the needs of a project /event/issue, and effect outcomes to the desired deadline. Her ability to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and team members (or equivalent) is matched with her insights into the wider issues and implications that bring added benefits, both for individuals and companies alike. I would recommend Sam to any individual or group wishing to make changes and improvements

Cathy Landau

Sam is a very skilled communicator, I’ve attended several of her training sessions and by giving you the structure, support and tricks to feel confident, she certainly helps you Get Your Message Across! Sam recently interviewed me on video as part of her series ‘600 seconds with Sam’, she was very professional and put me at my ease – in fact I quite enjoyed the experience which was unexpected. Thank you Sam!

Kim Gilmour

Thank you so much Sam, since speaking with you about Asperger’s and applying the techniques you told me about, our family life is so much calmer.  It’s helped us to be more patient with our daughter and to agree with her some ground rules, and we all abide by the rules and harmony has returned to the house.  We were at the end of our tether and as she moved into her teenage years we thought it was just going to get worse. But now we can see that’s not the case, now we know how to communicate


Sam, you know so much! …and I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you so much for helping me get my thoughts into order so that I can prepare my show-reels! These are so important to me to get right, you’ve me given me the confidence to know I’m being thorough and professional


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sam on different projects, including presenting a Toastmasters program in leadership and public speaking at a local school, and most recently when Sam organised a TEDx event at which I was a speaker. If I say that Sam arranged the event in less than a month, this should give you an idea of her enormous drive and commitment. The success of the event is testimony to her passion for public speaking, her attention to detail, and her ability to motivate, organise and deliver. On a personal level, Sam is friendly, enthusiastic, intelligent and an absolute pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for someone who can break communication down to the natural skill that it should be, Sam is your go-to person

Lindsey Sharratt

You really touched my heart, I loved how vulnerable you were, thank you


Nailed the best man speech! So chuffed. Loads of compliments. Thanks for all your support over the years.  Couldn’t have done it without you and Shropshire Speakers. Now going to ‘celebrate


I don’t know if I’ve ever listened to an hour’s worth of content that intently before

Natalie Langdale, Betterment

Thanks for a wonderful presentation tonight. The engagement with the audience, your patience and your ability to make EasySpeak attractive is commendable

Elizabeth Jordan

I was fortunate to hear Sam speak about her experience of organising TEDX events. Sam is an engaging and vibrant speaker who captured our attention through her lively sense of humour. Many thanks Sam for an inspiring talk

Sue Bramall

Thank you so much, it’s been an excellent session

Jodie Evans

Passionate. Enthusiastic. Caring. Compassionate. All words that describe Sam when she is speaking to her audiences. She is also truly engaging, keep the attention of her audience through her entire talk – not an easy achievement when speaking online. And yet Sam does it, with a smile on her face the entire time.


Sam is a very experienced communicator who supports people who need to get their message across in a variety of ways; whether it be via video or live presentations. Sam’s knowledge and skills have helped me to improve my presentation skills. Sam is warm and friendly and puts you at ease. Sam is highly regarded in her field and I would not hesitate to recommend her

Phyl Edmonds

Sam’s chat was very interesting.  It was a great privilege to have a one to one meeting.  I expected to find out more about online marketing but I learned so much more.  Sam is a very talented lady and an inspiration

Sam is one of those rare individuals that who is both decisive and strategic. She never lets a good wait get in the way of positive action but at the same time doesn’t let the urgency of action get in the way of strategic and critical thought. She has clearly invested a great deal of time and effort in the development of her soft skills and she rightly deserves to be the poster-child for “working on yourself”. Not only does it make her more effective, it breeds inspiration within a community and encourages others to aspire too. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any endeavour

Rob Wood

I have worked with Sam within the Strategic Architecture Team and Architecture Group at Capgemini. She has an ability to assimilate knowledge and readily apply it to produce solutions to the requirements we have. Sam is an exceptional presenter and is very comfortable presenting to the team. She has a very creative mind and applies that attribute when creating solutions. Sam is readily sought out on the estate because of her knowledge in specific technical areas, such as Microsoft SharePoint and considered the Subject Matter Expert. Sam is always enthusiastic and she is well liked by the Teams she works with

Shailesh Patel

I can’t believe how well you handled all that heckling; so many useful tips in that speech, thank you so much.  I know that I’ll give at least one or two of the points a try straight away


I love your energy and exuberance. It’s never dull watching you present.  It would be so easy to be just completely factual like you were doing some sort of science lecture but you make it fun for everyone; made it interactive, and I really love that


I had the pleasure of working with Sam for one of our staff training and development days in July 2019 (The RNN Group).Sam was tasked with planning and delivering ‘confident speaking’ training/workshops to our teaching and staff (120 on the day). She did a fabulous job! A knowledgeable and very practised public speaker; her sessions were very well received (excellent feedback from staff through event evaluation). I would recommend Sam not only for her professionalism on the day when faced with a rather large cohort of education professionals; her adaptability when things don’t quite go to plan and her overall approach and delivery of the session material. I look forward to working with her again

Diane Hardiman

You’ve helped me so much in such a small amount of time. I’m so grateful. I’m so pleased with the result! I’m not afraid to charge on with my videos now – I’m all fired up!


You’re always so confident; you just look like you love doing this.  I would love to get to that place.  I’d love to be that good.  Can you help me


I have just spent a most fun, insightful and thought provoking hour with Sam Warner – The Autistic Interpreter. I first came across Sam at an EMCC UK webinar and immediately thought “here is someone I can work with”. Sam generously gave me the benefit of her experience and knowledge as I explored key questions such as:
· What is neurodiversity?
· What are the typical assumptions and stereotypes?
· How can I co-create a safe and creative thinking space for neurodiverse clients?
· How can I build closer relationships with neurodiverse friends and those with neurodiverse family members?
· Where can I continue to learn with people who are different to me?
She made it easy to understand, was extremely knowledgeable, generously shared her own experiences, busted some classic myths, and gave me a wealth of useful resources to continue my learning. If you are asking yourself similar questions, then I can thoroughly recommend Sam

Jaqueline Hill

I connected with Sam through a toastmasters event, She is an incredible speaker and as the co-chair of KBR’s diversity and inclusion board ‘ASPIRE’ I was keen to invite her to deliver a couple of lunch and learns.
When contacting Sam initially she listened to our requirements of the subjects we wanted to cover. We booked Sam for two lunchtime events one week apart, the first about her experience being an autistic person in a corporate environment and the second about leveraging talents of autistic people within the workplace. Sam gave clear rules of engagement around workplace environments, and ensuring all employees are comfortable within their office space. There was discussion around language and ensuring that instructions and questions are clear, and also some tips of how to ensure colleagues can show appreciation of their peers and how this is crucial in building good relationships within diverse teams.
Sam creates a natural conversational environment to discuss her content and feedback from both sessions was fantastic, we had comments around the value of hearing about autism from an adults point of view, as well as appreciation of the advice for engaging with neurodivergent peers to ensure they thrive in the workplace

Ingrid Luff

TEDx Telford Feedback

Sam, truly grateful to the entire TEDx team for offering advice, support and guidance on how to deliver my talk in such a way that it will effectively inspire others to make positive changes in their lives. The environment created by the team was warm, friendly and caring. Having the opportunity to practice the talk on multiple occasions, watch others practice and receive feedback from the other speakers and TEDx team members during the preparation had a phenomenally positive impact on the success of my talk on the day.  Sam Warner’s knowledge of stage craft and her keen ear was extremely helpful in picking out key pieces of the content and being able to offer advice on how to present it in a more impactful way, whether through the use of; long pauses, physical movement or slight tweaks to the content. She was a true pleasure to work with and I thoroughly recommend that if you are looking to present on stage and have a lasting impact on those listening in, you allow Sam to guide, support and advise you in the no frills, direct and truly kind-hearted way that only she can. Thank you for everything! #youvegotthis xoxo

Katie Woodland

I recently had the great pleasure of speaking at the first TEDx Telford event which was organised by Sam. The whole event was flawlessly executed by not only Sam, but the team of people she had selected to support her in arranging the day. Despite working within very strict deadlines and to exacting standards, Sam still found time to offer support to me and all the speakers, communicating regularly and giving feedback. The day itself was excellent; a sell out crowd, 15 amazing speakers and memories that will last a lifetime. It was all made possible by Sam. Thank you Sam

Jackie Handy

I connected with Sam as a speaker on her event TEDx Telford. Prior to the event, I had a coaching session with Sam through her company helping individuals craft their message and deliver it with pazzaz! I knew I was on my first steps to joining the most powerful ‘ideas’ platform TEDx and I wanted to work with an expert to help me deliver a compelling and enlightening talk. Sam coached me brilliantly and gave good direction for the content so that it would appeal to a wide audience. On the actual day of the event, Sam had a solid team in place and everything was organised very well. I was one speaker in a group of 16 all of which Sam had helped to be the best version of themselves on the stage. Sam has definitely helped me achieve one of my career ambitions and enabled me to share my skills through a fantastic TEDx event. I wouldn’t hesitate booking her for her speaker and presentation coaching sessions

Sunita Passi

I had the privilege of working with Sam at TEDxTelford – well I say ‘with’ – I was lucky enough to be selected as a speaker and Sam, with her team, organised the most spectacular event. Sam was incredibly encouraging and supportive during the entire speaker ‘journey’, from organising and giving superb feedback in rehearsals, being available on email in between times and being incredible at the event too. Always friendly, always helpful, always supportive (even when she was clearly very busy!). And Sam’s own speaking manner was something else – a true education and hugely inspiring. I learnt a huge amount from Sam and can’t speak highly enough of her

Rhea Freeman

“I have worked with Sam on several occasions over the past few years and whenever I know she will be at an event I will be attending I always look forward to seeing her. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking at her TEDx event and I must say, WOW! what a well organised, well run event from top to bottom. Sam is absolutely top notch in everything she does and this was no exception. She is super professional and very personable and made the entire experience so easy and enjoyable for everyone involved. Her willingness to go above and beyond, her attention to detail and her meticulous preparation really makes her stand head and shoulders above the rest! I can highly recommend Sam, she is BRILLIANT!

Bret Freeman

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Sam when I was selected as a speaker for TEDx Telford – What Next? Sam was the Licensee and event organiser and she provided me with fantastic support and coaching in developing both my talk and stage presence. The feedback and guidance I received from Sam and the rest of her team was second to none and she encouraged both myself and the other speakers every step of the way. She helped build my confidence as a speaker and was always there with advice (and a hug) when I needed it. The TEDx event was incredibly well organised from start to finish, and what Sam and her team achieved was astounding. I can highly recommend Sam and would jump at the chance to work with her again in the future

Emma Roscoe

Sam and I worked together on the delivery of TEDxTelford, which took place last weekend. Sam was the lead organizer, curator, and all-round drive for the entire project from start to finish. Before this event, I had never worked, met, or even heard of Sam. During our initial meeting, Sam was professional throughout. She understood the TED brand intimately, and had a clear vision of how to deliver what the brand demanded, however was able to put her own stamp on it. Throughout the project, I worked directly to Sam. She would request tasks to be completed, and she would leave me to it to deliver how I saw fit. It was good to feel trusted to just get on with the task. This also gave Sam some space to focus on other tasks that needed a little closer touch. The event was a resounding success, and in my eyes, this was all down to one person, Sam. Her leadership, guidance and vision throughout were spot on. She made everyone feel part of the team and valued everyone’s opinions throughout. I think it is key to point out that the whole event was delivered in a mere nine weeks. TED recommends three months are needed, and there were plenty of people who said that it couldn’t be done; all that seemed to do was fuel Sam even more. She executed the event flawlessly in such a short time frame, demonstrating just how capable she is Sam is an extraordinary person, and I can’t wait to work with her again to deliver the next TEDx event

Lindsay Thorburn

“I recently worked with Sam for the TEDx Telford event, where I was a speaker. Sam’s professionalism, commitment and support ensured the event was a complete success and I, personally, felt fully confident in Sam’s ability to deliver excellence. I especially loved how she worked with her team and brought them together as a tight knit powerhouse to help deliver an exceptional event in a very short time frame. I was absolutely delighted to be a part of the event and wouldn’t hesitate to work with Sam again!

Jenny Thomas

It was an honour and privileged to work with Sam when she organised the first ever TEDx Telford in September 2018. I was fortunate enough to be one of the speakers at the event. Quite simply, Sam is one phenomenal lady. She organised and delivered an immensely successful TEDx event in just 9 weeks from conception to completion. Not only was it quick the standard was world class. Every small detail was tended to and she went above and beyond expectations. The event was a massive success for both the speakers and the audience. A few key stand out points for me about Sam: > She is incredibly thorough and leaves nothing to change. > She invested time in ensuring everyone was well rehearsed and confident prior to the event. > She utilises technology effectively (for example, to quickly and efficiently share rehearsal videos) > Her communication was impeccable and many of my guests commented on how well informed they were about the event. > On top of all this Sam has a wonderful warm and friendly attitude that makes working with her a complete pleasure. Thank you Sam, immensely

Fran Boorman

I was honoured to have been selected by Sam and her panel to be a speaker at the first ever TEDxTelford event. Sam was incredibly professional and meticulous over every detail of the event. She cared enough to ensure all the speakers had plenty of rehearsal time even though there was a relatively short time to prepare. She was there throughout all rehearsals with excellent feedback and support. On the day, everything ran like clockwork and everyone who attended enjoyed it all. A job so incredibly well done! Her dedication to making the event a success was rewarded by her creating and hosting an amazing sell out event. I’d have no hesitation in working with Sam again

Sara Moseley

“I’ve recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Sam (and her TEDx Team) after being successfully selected to deliver a TEDx talk. Sam’s support, coaching and guidance enabled me to shape and enhance my talk – her feedback was invaluable. She is highly experienced, encouraging, warm and calm. Sam and the team worked seamlessly together to deliver a truly inspiring event. I would highly recommend Sam to others

Teresa Boughey

I met Sam in her capacity as Lead Organiser for TEDx Telford. Sam was exceptional. She was very easy to work with, highly dedicated to producing an outstanding event, empathetic with all of us nervous speakers, patient with our egos and just a very nice person to work with. Highly recommended

Scott D McArthur

Marches Growth Hub Feedback

The following feedback is from a Digital Marketing presentation for the Marches Growth Hub, attendees were asked what they liked and got out of the training workshop:

All of the content was very relevant and useful.  Many of the points also apply to other forms of marketing as well


Learning about different platforms and vlogging


Video Tips: I have little to no experience in video presentations so it was good to get an intro


Show reels – didn’t know about them.  Introduction into various platforms and tools that can be used to design and upload a video marketing campaign.  Tips on how to start, etc


Great to go through the structure and how to go about developing a marketing strategy to incorporate video


Actually all of it – very relevant


Platforms; platform illiterate


Where to market videos, specify what you need to achieve. Also a variety of possibilities with video


All of it was excellent – how to get started, planning and different platforms


Presentations / video campaigns


Sam was great, really engaging and provided lots of tips


Thinking about using videos for social media marketing


The whole presentation


Elements required to video, Having a story and confidence, impart knowledge and building relationships


National Diversity Awards

These next 13 are the voting testimonials as the nominee for the National Diversity Awards – Role Model in the Disability category for 2021:

I have known and worked with Sam over a number of years and she has been a tireless supporter and campaigner for increasing awareness of neurodiversity in education and employment. In 2020 I commissioned Sam to run an online session on Neurodiversity in the Workplace for my local branch of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). The session was very well received and succeeded in raising awareness of the challenges faced by employees with neuro-differences in the workplace. Sam is a great advocate and positive role model for those with Aspergers and has used her public speaking, communication and training skills to help inform and educate others in engaging ways. She is a very strong candidate for this award

Kay Heald


Sam is a great communicator despite having numerous invisible disabilities including autism. I first met Sam at Toastmasters in Telford where she encouraged everyone to speak on various ad hoc random topics with no preparation. Sam is now involved with TedX and encourages others to do a TedX talk on topics that the audience haven\’t heard before. Communication is vital to get organisations and business to change so they become more inclusive. Sam is brilliant at organising these events. The videos of speakers who have been lucky enough to get through the application process and deliver a TedX talk are great testimonials of Sam\’s hard work. Sam is constantly posting in social media inspirational messages to employers about being more inclusive and understanding specific language terms that employees with invisible disabilities will understand. Sam encourages possible employees to apply for jobs too encouraging to overcome the barriers they face to gain employment. By posting positive messages in several social media platforms Sam is educating others about inclusion and acceptance of everyone whether they are disabled or not. Sam is a positive role model and through her hard work and dedication to help others I feel she should be recognised for this



Sam makes being autistic her superpower. I worked with her on an interview/article about Autism and Games, and she really showed in what she said and how she said it that it\’s the world and how society is set up that \’disables\’, not the individual. She told her story and she showed how being autistic for her has its challenges and its benefits, and how it\’s a part of her. And this comes through in everything she does. She\’s not worthy of this award because she\’s triumphed over adversity (although she has), but because she shows with everything she does that she is herself and would never want to be anything different. She gives an incredibly positive role model for anyone struggling with their identity as an auistic person or as a person with anything that society might view as a disability. She makes me want to introduce my autistic nephews and nieces to her so that they can see what they can do and be, and that they don\’t need to feel bad about who they are. And all of this is not even to go into the amazing work she does helping Autistic people get and keep jobs that they love, and helping companies create workplaces that are friendly to Autistic people and people with disabilities

Sarah LeFevre, Ludogogy


She is a huge inspiration and role model to me and my children



Sam has an energising and positive personality. She works to a very high standard and shows great compassion to those around her. Her work with TEDx is exemplary and she shines as a role model



Sam does a lot of awareness for autism and helps not only autistic people to cope with day to day issues but how people without autism can be more inclusive and create a better environment, communicate with people better. Sam’s advice has personally helped me loads of the years to feel more positive about my autism diagnosis and she pours her heart and soul into helping people



Sam has an energising and positive personality. She works to a very high standard and shows great compassion to those around her. Her work with TEDx is exemplary and she shines as a role model



Sam Warner is most definitely an outstanding Positive Role Model for disability. I have had the pleasure and honour of knowing Sam in a professional capacity for several years, and am always blown away by the confidence she exudes. She gets things done and works well and hard to ensure that she represents those of us with hidden disabilities, the neuro-diverse in a positive and proactive way. Yes she runs a business and has helped countless people via that business, but she isn\’t just a business – what I am trying to say is that she is one of the most dedicated, passionate and determined to make a difference individuals I have met – she has made a business out of her passion, and the world is a better place for that, he positivity and \’can-do attitude is priceless, she IS a very Positive Role Model and that isn\’t business, that is personal and comes from within, it is something she just does because it is in her DNA (so-to-speak) to do so! As founder of The Dyslexia Awards, I had the privilege of reading the nominations submitted for Sam, for the Educator of the Year Award, it was clear to me and the award judges that Sam is an outstanding and dedicated educator, who leads by example and is undoubtedly a positive role model in all she does. As an individual, I have had training from sam for zoom, and I can concur that she is a most excellent trainer, this goes further than just training, it is the passion and belief she has in you as an individual, she sets the example and has a way of making you believe you can do it because she can do it – she sets the example for you to follow and aspire to meet. I support wholeheartedly Sam\’s nomination for Positive Role Model for disability, she is an outstanding individual who deserves this award, for all she has done, will no doubt do in the fuuture and is currently doing – she is a total asset to not just Shropshire, but to the world, which needs more Sam\’s in it! Good Luck Sam, I will be rooting for you x

Eli Wilkinson – The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant


Sam has great enthusiasm for her subject and works hard. As a result she has created real visibility for neurodiversity. She tirelessly helps those that are neurodiverse to get diagnosed and get things right. She\’s not afraid to put herself out there and be open about what it\’s like to be on the spectrum. Seeing someone like her thrive is exactly what others need to give them hope it\’s possible for them. In short, a great role model



If only people knew the hours of work that Sam puts in to creating videos, courses, and other types of content to help spread a positive message about how employable people in the neuro diverse community are. These include daily videos on LinkedIn, lunch and learn sessions to corporate’s, and numerous one-to-one sessions with adult individuals needing help and support. Sam has a very strong work ethic, and strives to balance out the information given by other neurodiverse allies. Whilst it’s very useful to understand the challenges that Neurodiverse individuals face day-to-day, it’s even more useful to understand the positive traits they bring to the table when they are seeking work. Sometimes it looks like she’s trying to move a mountain, but her resolve never waivers. Her ability to interpret between Neuro diverse and neuro typical people has put her in a unique position to advocate for both sides. This insight helps Sam to translate the two different languages of the different minds so that they can arrive at a common understanding. It’s great when an organisation is fully on board with providing accommodations for neurodiverse people But they often ask NeuroDiverse individuals to self advocate and ask for what they want. Unfortunately many neuro diverse individuals don’t know what they are allowed to ask for, and don’t want to be a burden or receive special treatment that makes them stand out from the rest of the team. This creates a no man’s land where the employer is willing to help, but only if the employee asks for it. Sam brings the two sides together so that the employer can define the accommodations that are available, and to help the individual find the language they need to ask for accommodations so that they can be the best version of themselves that they can be at work, without feeling like they’re receiving special treatment. We need more people like Sam who can provide this service. This is why I think she is a role model



Her enthusiasm and energy has just one aim – to help others by inspiring



Sam is a very positive enabling person. She energises those around her and is generous with her time helping others. Her TedX work is outstanding and she is truly a role model



Sam truly is a Positive Role Model in many ways and very deserving of this award. She positively encourages others (me included) and finds the best in everyone



Sam is so passionate about this and does lots of work in this area



Autistic Adults

Feedback from a talk I gave to 18 Autistic Adults:

the talk was very useful and helpful. It was all good

hearing about another couple with Asperger’s was really helpful. Thank you for coming out and talk to us

I found the talk helpful

The social aspect and involvement was the bit I liked best. I would like to hear more”
“I found the talk really useful

the discussion on relationships was most helpful

I found all of the talk helpful especially about relationships and friendships

this was an excellent talk by Sam

I found all of the talk helpful especially about relationships and friendships

Very interesting, felt at ease, Sam spoke very clearly, this was helpful as I have hearing difficulties

learning how to get a non-autistic person understand was really helpful