TEDx Speaker & Public Speaking Coach

Soft Skills Coaching

Sam undertakes soft skills training sessions with both individuals and groups/teams and has a wealth of experience in this field. Since 2008 her clients have included high-flying execs, school children, charities, care organisations, corporate and entrepreneurs; anyone who wants to make personal improvements.

Not everyone is born with the innate ability to communicate with others, to relate to them or to see how they can be most effective in a group of mixed talent. Soft skills is a suite of characteristics that enhance a persons’ abilities by making them more effective in translating them to others.

The following is a list of the topics that can be covered during coaching and training sessions:

Employment/Job Search skills

Job Advert, Job Description, Application, Interview, Day one, Induction, First week, promotions, portfolio careers, temporary work, disclosure, asking for reasonable adjustments, accommodations and adaptations


Followership, leadership, empowering others, building trust, building rapport, socialising, networking, connecting with remote workers, negotiations, personal development, team development, reward and recognition, preparation for meetings and working with others, handling deadlines

Communication at work

Giving and receiving feedback, giving and receiving instructions, asking for what you want, presentations skills, report writing, stakeholder management, email etiquette, DiSC, handling silence, handling interruptions, asking for clear direction, getting to the point sooner, listening skills, telling others at work how to support you (especially during a meltdown/shutdown), handling interruptions, maintaining concentration when you are not interested, sequential tasks vs multi-tasking, communicating ideas, writing a business case, asking questions, neurodiversity terminology, info dumping, asking for detailed joining instructions


Emotional dysregulation, creating and sticking to new habits, reframing things, rumination, reward and recognition, boundaries, managing the feeling of taking up space, managing your spite-monkey, comparison thinking, planning self-care, one calendar for everything, improving working memory, initiating tasks, managing energy, managing hyper-focus, celebrating your achievement, the reality of mind-reading, nutrition, eating disorders, assistive tools, anxiety, depression, managing dopamine and serotonin, getting chores done at home, medication, managing strong emotions, sleep disorders, insomnia, control issues, breathing differently, body doubling for tasks, travel anxiety

Co-occurring conditions

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD), Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Prosopagnosia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Aphasia, Synaesthesia, Aphantasia, Executive Dysfunction, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)


Disclosure, small talk, building rapport, asking questions, responding to social questions, networking, info dumping, taking turns in conversation, handling interruptions, interrogating, being too blunt, listening skills, becoming more charismatic, managing your enthusiasm/energy in a group, handling parties, taking things literally, empathy vs sympathy

Challenges at work

Conflict, Handling Difficult Conversations or situations, Bullying, prioritising workload, managing expectations, handling micro-managers, procrastination, pathological demand avoidance, time management, environmental issues, goal setting, managing a busy calendar or multiple calendars, boundaries and saying “no”, reframing things, anticipation and planning, initiating tasks, why “Eat that Frog” doesn’t work for a ND mind, managing strong emotions, handling change

Presentation Coaching

Sam works with people who are terrified of speaking in front of others to find their voice.

She coaches them, trains them & evaluates them so they cannot fail, increasing their confidence & allowing them to actively look for opportunities to speak in the future. From preparation of the content, to mental preparation of the speaker, Sam walks you through it all, including stagecraft and delivery practise.

See Sam’s LinkedIn recommendations for feedback on her TEDx Speaker coach credentials/results.

I have known Sam over many years through the public speaking and leadership club she founded, Shropshire Speakers. Over this time, I have seen Sam deliver a wide range of themed speeches, and help many other club members improve their communication skills. As well as a kind, sympathetic and warm nature, Sam has a wealth of experience, and can encourage others through simple, practical tips as well as in-depth one-to-one guidance. Sam is an outstanding teacher and mentor, and I am sure that Sam will be able to help others improve their speaking, communication and leadership skills

Matt Hegarty

Speaking online or video

Many individuals hate the sound of their own voice, or how they look on camera, but if you want to promote yourself and your business it might be a barrier you need to overcome. Sam helps people to get their message across on video and audio and to shake off those fears for good. Sam presents at a number of networking and public speaking groups around the world, and has done since 2008. She has considerable experience of videoing herself too, for YouTube, LinkedIn, and clients. Appearing on multiple radio shows and an audiobook, she has share-worthy experience of he audio world.

How can Sam help you?

  • To use your own equipment to record yourself for your business
  • Show you how to build a marketing campaign
  • Show you how to edit your videos
  • Preparing to speaking on Radio
  • Help you get ready for a Facebook live
  • Help you get ready to be a podcast guest
  • Prepare for presenting live on Zoom, Google Meet, Teams
  • Prep for live-streaming on Stream-yard or other conference platform
  • Conducting online interviews or podcasts or video-casts
  • Tips on feeling confident in front of the camera
  • Tips for makeup, clothes and backgrounds
  • Preparation for scripts
  • Using props and/or slides
  • Using an autocue
  • Getting the lighting right
  • Getting the audio right
  • How to evaluate your own videos