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Based in Shropshire, UK

Experienced live / virtual trainer and remote coach.  Certified Mental Health First Aider. Distinguished Toastmaster.  BA (Hons) Business Management


psa-logo-transparent Associate Member of the Professional Speaking Association

The Autistic Interpreter

Sam on radio

Sam provides an interpreter service for adults & older teenage children with diagnosed or un-diagnosed Asperger’s and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) & helps them, their friends, family & co-workers to communicate better. She shares a lot of techniques she employs as coping mechanisms for various behavioural problems & challenging situations. Sam understands the different ways in which the brain processes information & makes sense of the world. She offers an informal pre-diagnosis consultation to help people find the words to self-advocate for a formal diagnosis. Sam has developed her Rules of Engagement TM course for IT teams seeking to integrate Autistic employees into teams to increase productivity and leverage their talents.

She uses her broad knowledge when working with a variety of people from different backgrounds and is known for her communication and behaviours translation work with Autistic adults and their friends and families. She is also developing her own Professional Speaking experience by taking to the stage with this subject wherever possible and is often asked to speak on BBC Radio Shropshire on Autism-related, or communication-related subjects.

Professional Speaker

Sam Keynote

Sam is a professional speaker, delivering talks and keynotes at conferences, banquets and events internationally.  Sam is available for conferences, workshops & keynotes. She also attends corporate events to share her knowledge and experience of integrating adults with Asperger’s into a team with colleagues who are not considered to be on the spectrum.


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Sam has been helping people to communicate since 2008. She trains, coaches and mentors by applying her BA(Hons) in Business Management, sharing her knowledge gained in public speaking in Toastmasters International since 2010 and drawing on her 20 years experience working for various companies in different roles.

Sam has lent her voice to an audio book, you can hear her here:

Quotes from the Gurus – Audio Book


You can catch Sam in action in 600 Seconds with Sam on YouTube

Membership and Awards

Sam is a member of the following:

nas-logo The National Autistic Society,

PDA logo The Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) Society


and winner of a Dyslexia Award – Learning Support of the Year 2017.

On the left: Sally Joyner handing Sam her Learning Support of the Year award in 2017, and on the right: Sam handing The Educator award to Jo Goff in 2016.

Photos: ©Infocus Photography – Michael Wilkinson 2016/17

Youth Leadership Program

Sam has been teaching groups of children at several local schools how to speak in public, build their confidence and find their voice.  In particular the students chosen for the programs are the quieter ones, or the children who are regarded as disruptive or difficult, as they need to find their voice and understand the rules of communication more than anyone.

Four YLP Photos

Sam is writing a book on how to help those without Autism live and work with those who have, and vice versa.

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