“I love your energy and exuberance. It’s never dull watching you present.  It would be so easy to be just completely factual like you were doing some sort of science lecture but you make it fun for everyone; made it interactive, and I really love that.”


“I saw Sam Warner give her ‘Autistic Toastmaster’ presentation at the Area (39) training day.  Due to the number of speakers that day, Sam had only around half hour to give her presentation, the content and the value within the content did deserve more time, but in the time she had Sam packed in lots of great thought provoking ideas, which throw light onto an important subject. For me the outcome of hearing this presentation was, I am now better informed about the subject, which to me I believe is something of value both inside Toastmasters and the wider world. I would love to see Sam give a full workshop at a Toastmasters conference and believe it would offer something of great value.”

Tony Brassington ACS ALB Heart of England / Ludlow Speakers

“You really touched my heart, I loved how vulnerable you were, thank you”


“Your speech was so good, you know, it’s really struck a chord with me about one of my co-workers. She wears headphones in our office and she’s real stickler for the rules. I’m going to see if I can help make work a more comfortable environment for her.”


“I can’t believe I knew so little about this before, I guess, I just hadn’t thought about it that much, that (speech) was really interesting.  Now you come to mention it we have someone in our club who is a real stickler for rules, and can be a bit too rigid, he gets very upset if people don’t do what they say they will do, and he can’t understand why or how people can be unreliable or casual about the things he really cares about.  He can come across as aggressive too which can be upsetting for the other members. Perhaps I can help him to integrate a bit better now.”


“You’ve helped me so much in such a small amount of time. I’m so grateful. I’m so pleased with the result! I’m not afraid to charge on with my videos now – I’m all fired up!”


“Sam, you know so much! …and I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you so much for helping me get my thoughts into order so that I can prepare my show-reels! These are so important to me to get right, you’ve me given me the confidence to know I’m being thorough and professional.”


“Nailed the best man speech! So chuffed. Loads of compliments. Thanks for all your support over the years.  Couldn’t have done it without you and Shropshire Speakers. Now going to ‘celebrate’.”


“The workshop I enjoyed the most at the WiRE Conference in April was Sam’s, her energy, what she said made sense, and I got a lot of value out of that session”


” I love watching you speak.  You have so much energy and enthusiasm.  You keep the audience’s attention so well.  Your speeches are interactive, fun and enlightening.  You look like a pro.  You’re not afraid to be vulnerable or make fun or yourself.  You seem to be able to present on any subject.  I hope I can become as confident as you one day. “


“What you said really resonated with me about my grandson. I wonder if there is more I can do to help him as he does seems to struggle with day-to-day living. Are there any books you can recommend that we could read so we could help him, he’s my grandson but he is also an adult.”

Christine  (I suggested a couple of books from Amazon on Aspergers in Adults.)

“Thank you so much Sam, since speaking with you about Asperger’s and applying the techniques you told me about, our family life is so much calmer.  It’s helped us to be more patient with our daughter and to agree with her some ground rules, and we all abide by the rules and harmony has returned to the house.  We were at the end of our tether and as she moved into her teenage years we thought it was just going to get worse. But now we can see that’s not the case, now we know how to communicate.”


“Hi Sam, just a line to say thank-you for last Fridays mentoring session at SYST. Not only was it interesting but inspirational too. I shall be putting some of your ideas/suggestions into action in due course. Best regards, Gary”

“Sam is an excellent communicator. I recently attended a project management short course and as always Sam gets the message across in a clear, unambiguous and memorable way.  I came away with knowledge and advice to put immediately into practice; most timely.

I have also heard Sam on Presentation Skills and on Video and Digital, subjects at the core of getting your message across and Sam not only gives you the knowledge, she presents in an inspiring, confidence boosting manner.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sam.”

Jill Bagnall

“I can’t believe how well you handled all that heckling; so many useful tips in that speech, thank you so much.  I know that I’ll give at least one or two of the points a try straight away.”


“You know you’ve just described my wife. The things that you’re saying are totally making sense. The way that we argue is definitely more like a discussion of whether the facts are correct rather than whether she or I are correct. And I’ve noticed that sometimes she cannot handle more than one task at a time and can get quite snappy at very short notice. Now I know I need to give her the gift of some space and time to do things more her way. Thank you”


“You’re always so confident; you just look like you love doing this.  I would love to get to that place.  I’d love to be that good.  Can you help me?”


“Someone else told me that I have to practise practise practise otherwise I’ll never be really good at speaking in front of others. But I prefer to speak with the flow speak from my mind and just have an idea about what I want to talk about before I start talking. Thank you for reassuring me that this is not wrong this is just a different style of preparation and it’s one that suits me. I was really worried I would have to do it a prescribed way and I wouldn’t have joined if that was the case.  I feel much better now.  I can be me and still learn a great deal, but I’ve got to be me.”



The following feedback is from a Digital Marketing presentation for the Marches Growth Hub, attendees were asked what they liked and got out of the training workshop:

Kipper – good mnemonic for everything and relevant to presenting – PB

All of the content was very relevant and useful.  Many of the points also apply to other      forms of marketing as well – IY

Actually all of it – very relevant – JB

Sam was great, really engaging and provided lots of tips – CM

Platforms; platform illiterate – AM

Learning about different platforms and vlogging – CM

Thinking about using videos for social media marketing – GS

Where to market videos, specify what you need to achieve. Also a variety of possibilities with video – RR

The whole presentation – SS

Video Tips: I have little to no experience in video presentations so it was good to get an intro – CH

All of it was excellent – how to get started, planning and different platforms – SJ

Elements required to video, Having a story and confidence, impart knowledge and building relationships – SB

Presentations / video campaigns – RB

Show reels – didn’t know about them.  Introduction into various platforms and tools that can be used to design and upload a video marketing campaign.  Tips on how to start, etc – RA

Great to go through the structure and how to go about developing a marketing strategy to incorporate video – LT



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